If the application code that you want to deploy resides in a subdirectory inside your project's repository, you can configure that using the subpath setting in your app settings. This will be useful if your project is a monorepo where each component that you want to deploy resides in a separate directory.

By default, the subpath will be the root path, /.

Configuring subpath

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Configuring the subpath to your application code from the app settings.

Monorepo example

If your app is a monorepo with the following structure, you can create two apps.

 |_ /src
    |_ /frontend
    |_ /backend

The frontend and backend can be deployed as two separate apps, neeto-wheel-web-frontend and neeto-wheel-web-backend:

  • neeto-wheel-web-frontend with subpath set to /src/frontend

  • neeto-wheel-web-backend with subpath set to src/backend

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