Health Check

We do a health check while deploying apps to ensure that the containers are up and running. This is done so that we can make sure your web processes are started and running and that you'll be able to access your application when we show the application as "deployed".

Currently, health checks can be configured at the review apps' level and for each individual app in your project.

How health check works

You can configure a health check route in your application that returns an HTTP success code. neetoDeploy will utilize this route to ensure that the app is running before marking it as deployed. This is achieved by sending requests to the health check route you configured for the first minute, waiting for a success code. If the health check fails, the dyno will be restarted, and the health check request will be retried. If the health check continues to fail for six minutes, the release will be marked as failed.

By default, the root route / is used for the health check. The health check would pass as long as the response code is within the range of 200 - 399.

Configuring health check URL

Review apps

You can configure the health check route for all your review apps in the project's review app settings.

This path would be used for all your review apps.

Screenshot 2024-01-23 at 12.26.47 PM.png

Production apps

Health check URL can be defined individually for production apps in their respective app settings page.

Screenshot 2024-01-23 at 12.28.29 PM.png

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